Monday, December 12, 2016

Bad Bitch Polish - Winter's Eve Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have the Winter's Eve Collection from Bad Bitch Polish to share with you! The collection includes five flakie filled polishes created to remind you of icy, cold, winter sunsets! Let's take a look!

.Below Zero is a gorgeous cool, medium blue jelly filled with tiny white and blue metallic glitters, as well as microflakes. Super pretty and has so much depth within each coat. Here I did two coats plus topcoat. It dried fairly shiny on its own, but slightly textured, so it will be a little tougher to remove.

Dripping Icicles is a beautiful, icy topper! It's a clear jelly base filled with holo micro shimmer, as well as iridescent glitters in various shapes and sizes. When applied over a dark base, as I did here, it really brings out all the different colors! Again, this dried slightly textured, so it will be more difficult to remove.

February Twilight is a medium purple jelly filled with lavender flakies, a hint of dark purple and holo glitters. Here I did two coats plus topcoat. There's not a ton of glitter in this, it's mostly flakies, so it was relatively easy to remove.

Polar Night is a gorgeous berry jelly filled with pink flakies, as well as orange and holo glitters! Beautiful combo! Again, this was opaque in two coats plus topcoat. The glitter in this is  little larger, so it will take a tad extra scrubbing to remove.

Winter's Dusk is a soft medium gray jelly filled with silver flakies, as well as silver and holo glitters. This also shows a slight hint of blue shimmer. As with the others, it was opaque in two coats and wasn't bad to remove.

Beautiful collection! I really love each one, but I think my favorite's are Polar Night and Dripping Icicles! The Winter's Eve Collection will be available on December 16th. Each single, full size polish will retail for $9.50 each or $45 for the entire collection. Which is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love this collection and your swatches are everything

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  3. Thank you! That macro of Dripping Icicles is to die for! <3

  4. Wow, February Twilight is everything...

  5. Lovely colors. Below Zero is my favorite.

  6. Hello, Below Zero, aren't you gorgeous!