Thursday, December 8, 2016

Anonamaker Box for December (swatches and review)

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Hey Bitches! Who's ready to see the next Anonamaker Box?! This fun, sassy box is a bi-monthly offering and was dreamt up in the Facebook Group "Acetone Alley". Definitely join if you haven't already. Whether you are a "diarrhea of the mouth" kind of person or shy and sweet, you'll see the camaraderie among everyone.....for the most part! If you want to see what was in October's Box, you can click HERE, otherwise let's see what's in the new one!

Quoted from my previous blog post
A really fun, and sometimes annoying feature of the group is the option to have a discussion/topic/bitchfest posted completely anonymously. Delanie found this great site called the Suggestion Ox where people can post something anonymously to the site, it emails it to her, and she in return posts it to the group. Sometimes its an important post with great info, but most often its where someone posts when they don't want the pitchforks coming at them or they want to throw shade and be an asshole anonymously.

Apparently, I'm too nice and Anon felt the need to post stating such.....Here's a fuck you for you Anon, fuck you! Haha!

The Brands! Six amazing brands will be gracing us with their beautiful creations! Ellagee PolishGreen Goddess CreationsDarling Diva Polish, Top Shelf Lacquer, KB Shimmer and Fiendish Fancies! Who made what? Take a guess! 


Tears of Unfathomable Sadness...Yummy Yummy! is a  gorgeous multichrome that shifts from navy to teal to purple and is filled with UCC flakies and possibly a hint of pink shimmer. Really beautiful combo! Here I did just two coats plus topcoat. It dried fairly shiny on its own and because these are flakies, it was really easy to remove.


Twelves Harpies Harping is a charcoal gray scattered holo with tiny iridescent flakies. Really smooth formula that was almost opaque in one coat, but here I did two coats plus topcoat! This dried shiny on it's own and was easy to remove as well.


Facebook Bullshit Investigator is a gorgeous rose gold filled with silver, gold and peach flakies, as well as red shimmer! Really sparkly! Here I did two coats plus topcoat, but depending on your application you may only need two. This was easy to remove and dried shiny.


It's All About Meme is a  deep plum linear holo with a subtle peachy shimmer! Seriously beautiful! Here I did one coat plus topcoat, but depending on your application you may need a second coat. Though this dried somewhat shiny, the topcoat really brought out the holo. It also removed very easy.


Wine a Little, You'll Feel Better is a cranberry jelly filled with holo and lavender/blue microshimmer that gives the polish a strong multichrome feel. It's a little more on the sheer side, so I did three thin coats plus topcoat. Depending on your application you may get away with just two. Dried shiny and was easy to remove.


The Water Decals are perfect for this box! You'll get some really pretty snowflakes to use for the winter, as well as #fuckingredients, a bag of dicks, the "birdie", twat waffle and a salt shaker! So funny!

For this mani, I used every polish from the box, as well as two of the decals and a little of the salt! 


The December Anonamaker Box will be available for pre-order December 15th at 10am CST thru December 25th at Each box will be $50 + shipping. You'll get five full size polishes, a pack of water decals, a fun Acetone Alley Cat magnet, as well as a few other surprises! The first 30 boxes will go out asap and the rest will be shipped after the pre-order, by January 9th. (You can also pre-order each polish as a single for $12 each)

*** UPDATE ***
Due to the Holidays and a lot of people using their money for gifts and such, the box preorder will be extended through January 1st! All current orders will ship by the January 9th; all orders from today, December 16th, through January 1st will ship no later than January 12th!

Another amazing box! All five polishes are gorgeous and the water decals are freaking hilarious! 

Thanks for reading!