Monday, September 12, 2016

Vapid Lacquer - Fall 2016 Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have the Fall 2016 Collection from Vapid Lacquer to share with you! The collection consists of seven seriously beautiful polishes! Let's take a peek!

In an effort to not say the same thing over and over again, I'll just let you know right now that for all of my photos I did just one coat plus topcoat! That's right! An entire collection of one coaters! Of course, depending on your own application, you may need a second, but most will get away with one!

Fire Starter is a gorgeous deep, shimmery red with a slight orange flash. Of course I couldn't get the orange to pick up in my photos, but it is there in real life! This can be a little brush strokey, so you'll want to be mindful of that while applying it. This color makes me want to wear winged eyeliner! LOL!

Ablaze is a gorgeous rusty toned orange holo with sparkles of orange and red throughout!  Remember Pun'kin Tumble from last year? (not that they compare) Well, it was the first orange polish I ever really liked and this baby just reaffirmed my love for it!

Spider and the Fly is an amazing emerald green linear holo! I can't! I never thought I would like green polish, but this beauty makes me want to go live in the forest with the fairies!

Weaponized Guilt is a beautiful black base filled with deep gold shimmer that has a slight green tone to it! Glorious! It reminds me of the door knob hardware you might see in an old home!

Moon Moth is a lovely sage green creme filled with pink shimmer! The shimmer is very subtle and a little hard to capture in a photo, but it's there and it's beautiful!

Psilocybin is a deep chocolate brown holo filled with a beautiful purple shimmer that gives it a gorgeous flash! Such an amazing combination!

Distressed is a deep, dusty blue filled with copper shimmer and holo flakes! A lot of people wanted a polish reminiscent of last year's Sweaters and Denim in its cold state and I think Krys did a great job using that as her inspiration. While it is a lot different than S&D, you get that slightly brighter denim blue shade with the gorgeous copper shimmer and the addition of the flakies! I think I actually prefer this over S&D!

Do they watermarble? YES! They don't spread as easily as a creme, since there is a lot of shimmer in them, but they do in fact work!

Do they stamp? YES! Really well! While all of them stamp, I only have 4 of them to show you here!

Gorgeous collection! Every single polish had an amazing formula! Sometimes you'll see at least one slight miss within a collection, so I'm happy to say that they are all major hits for me!  The Fall 2016 Collection will be available in Vapid's shop on September 25th! Exact time to be announced!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Gorgeous collection! My favorites are Distressed and Ablaze.

  2. OMG, I love each and every one of these polishes...

  3. Gosh, now I want them all! Lol. 😍

  4. I want at least four or five of these babies

  5. Beautiful swatches! Hard to believe they only have one coat!! Weaponized Guilt looks amazing but then they all do!

  6. Vapid is becoming a must buy brand for me! These are amazing!

    1. Definitely! It's become my go to brand, not just for polish, but face stuff too!

  7. I can't wait to get home and swatch these!

  8. Yeah, all of these need to come live with me!