Thursday, September 8, 2016

Joy Lacquer - KinderQueen Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have a fun new collection from Joy Lacquer! The KinderQueen Collection consists of seven polishes, all with names and inspiration that every parent of a Kindergartener will understand! 

I totally get all the references! My little man just started Kindergarten this year and it was definitely difficult for me! Not as bad as I expected since he did two years of Preschool, but still emotional seeing my baby boy grow up! Let's take a look at the polishes!

Brand New Black Pack is a beautiful, scattered holo thermal! It changes from a light gray when warm to black when cold. It is also filled with black holo micro glitter and a silver/lavender micro shimmer that gives it a galaxy-like appearance. This was pretty opaque in two coats, but I did three thin coats plus topcoat! 

As Joy put it "Just like the polish "fades" as it warms to you, your backpack might go from a shiny and new at the beginning of the year, to a comfy worn color by the last day of school." 
She's spot on. My son's back pack is camo in shades of green and has a little "shine" to it, but I'll bet it starts looking pretty beat up and dull by the end of the year!

PB&J Yay! is a gorgeous shimmery taupe jelly-like polish, with a lovely pink flash! It is filled with multichrome flakies that sparkle in shades of brown, rapsberry, purple and gold. Great formula that needed just two coats plus topcoat!

I don't know about everyone else's kid, but my guy loooooves peanut butter and jelly! It's basically a food group for him! I just have to be sure to cut off the crust or I get "the look". Haha

Show and Teal Day is a bright teal that leans just slightly more green. It has a subtle holo finish and is filled with bright blue micro glitters and a green/gold shimmer! Super pretty combo! This had a fantastic formula that was nearly opaque in one coat. I tend to do thinner coats, but one thicker coat would have been sufficient. 

Show and Tell Day is a big deal for the little ones! Last year in Preschool, my guy would talk about it constantly. He took everything from his stuffed doggy that Santa brought him to a cool Hotwheels he got for his birthday! 

I Heart My Teacher is a beautiful, bright, pink linear holo. In addition tot he pretty holo sparkle, there is also a subtle gold and lavender shimmer throughout! Another wonderful formula that was opaque in two coats and removed easily!

I have loved all of my son's teachers! They not only taught him things that I couldn't, but helped me in better understanding him and how he learns. His Preschool teachers were one of the biggest helpers in our long potty training journey too! Thank you!

Josie Joy is a gorgeous iris purple linear holo. It also has a super subtle red/orange shift that was impossible to photograph. This was another amazing formula that is opaque in one coat! 

This beauty was created in honor of Joy's own little one, Josie, who is also starting Kindergarten this year. Josie's favorite color is kind of girl!

Crush on the Blue Eyed Boy is a beautiful jewel toned blue scattered holo. It's also filled with purple and blue microflakes for extra sparkle! I say it again, this had a great formula that was opaque in two thin coats! 

Now I may be married to a handsome, hazel eyed man who I adore and have a green eyed son, but I do remember that when I was in Kindergarten, I had a crush on a little boy named Ryan who had super blonde hair and bright blue eyes....haha. 

Crocodile Tears is a gorgeous iridescent micro glitter topper! It's loaded with various sized and shaped holo glitters in shades of aqua, turquoise and green! The base itself is somewhat pearlescent and gives off an opal appearance! Seriously pretty! This can be worn on it's own in three to four coats, but I felt that it was just too amazing over black not to share! 

As I mentioned above, my son did two years of Preschool before starting Kindergarten, so he was a little more seasoned than some of the other kiddos. Lucky for me, there were absolutely no tears! I got a kiss, a hug and an I love you and then off he went! It helped that he made instant friends with a couple of other boys. (Now his first year of Preschool......lots of tears! I admit I cried the first time he did because it was so hard to leave him!)

I love this collection! The names are perfect for each polish and the formulas were all really great! I'd have to say my absolute favorites were PB&J Yay! and Brand New Black Pack! These will be available in Joy's shop on September 9th! Anyone else have a Kindergartner?

Thanks for reading!