Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heather's Hues + MDJ Creations Duo (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have a lovely Fall inspired duo from Heather's Hues and MDJ Creations to share with you! I have a love for both of these brands, so I was really happy to find out they were collaborating together! Let's see what they created!

Spun Silk is a gorgeous pinky, nude holo with a slight pale pink flash to it. Beautiful color and a really great nude shade for my skintone! This had a great formula that was opaque in two coats plus topcoat!

Turning Leaves is a gorgeous glitter polish! It is a clear jelly base filled with iridescent glitters in various sizes and in the shades of reds, yellows, oranges and greens. This also has a really pretty green flash to it at certain angles! For a glitter this had really great coverage! Here I did one brushed on coat and then slightly dabbed on the second. It will dry very textured, so you'll want to be sure to use a good topcoat. I actually did two coat s of topcoat for my photos.

As a bonus...they look glorious together!

The Heather's Hues & MDJ Creations Duo will be available on September 30th in both maker's shops! Be sure to follow them for the exact times!

Heather's Hues
MDJ Creations

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  1. oh, I think I need that spun silk.

  2. Spun Silk is fab! I love your swatches as always.

  3. Wow, Turning Leaves really does look like turning leaves, lol!! Gorgeous. :)