Tuesday, August 30, 2016

OXO On* 9-Cup Coffee Maker (Review + Inspired Nail Art)

**press sample provided by Influenster & OXO for the purpose of review**
Hi guys! Today I have a bit of a different post to share with you! A lot of my fellow nail girls are just like me, in that we love our coffee! Like, I really love coffee! If I had to choose just one beverage to drink everyday, it would be coffee without a doubt! I can't function without it! Ya know all those blog posts and nail art tutorials I've done? Well those were all created by me drinking copious amounts of coffee and sometimes typing in a caffeine fueled frenzy!! You're welcome! Haha!


Now picture this....our current coffee maker is broken. It is the kind of maker that doesn't have an actual carafe; you simply push your mug up to a button and then coffee dispenses out into the cup. I loved it, I really did! Unfortunately, the button broke. For the past few months my husband and I have had to jam a screwdriver up into the machine to make the coffee dispense for us. It was a pain! 

Anyway, I am apart of the Influenster blogger community and when I was offered a chance to review a new coffee maker, I was ecstatic!  

The OXO On* 9-Cup Coffee Maker is a really sleek looking machine! I love the stainless steel and black trim; makes me feel fancy!  What I also love is the see through water reservoir because you get to see the water percolate up the center tube, which is kind of fun. I'm easily amused I guess!

Another  really cool feature is that the whole machine stays relatively cool to the touch. Even the plate that the carafe sits on stays completely cold. It's also nice that you can set the machine to make between 2-9 cups which makes it easy to brew just one cup or an entire pot.

My only con to the whole machine is that the coffee doesn't stay hot for much more than an hour. For most this is ok, but for my family it's a concern. My husband makes the coffee about two hours before I pour my first cup. While the coffee is still warm, it definitely isn't hot like fresh brewed. I sometimes even need to warm it in the microwave.

As I said above, my husband makes the majority of our coffee, so I asked him what he thought about it. He also loved all the things that I liked about it. Though, in addition to the coffee not staying hot for long, he also didn't like that the carafe has nothing that shows you how much is left in it. He also doesn't care for the color of the measurements on the water reservoir. With them being white, it's difficult to see them, so he'd prefer darker lettering. One final thing he noticed was that, though the filters fit pretty good; their not perfect. If you're not careful you can puncture a hole in the bottom while trying to fit them to the shape of the holder, causing a big mess.

Overall, I really like the OXO On* Coffeemaker. The coffee brews well and tastes great,, once you figure out your preferred grounds to water ratio, and the machine itself is really nice looking. I would probably prefer the larger unit (12-cup) becuase we drink a lot of coffee and would be more apt to upgrade the machine if it would keep the coffee hot for longer.

Now you know good and well that I wouldn't just write a post that had nothing to do with nails, right?! So, here is a fun nail art look I did using the coffee maker and its packaging as my inspiration! What do you think?

Zoya Hannah, Vapid Optimist and Pessimist, China Glaze Silver Fox


In addition to coffeemakers, OXO also offers a lot of other really great products such as, storage containers, cooking ware and other small appliances.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I only have a push-pot at home. I should probably get a real coffee maker but I only drink it when I have guests.

    1. Haha. See I could drink coffee all day!

  2. we broke our old coffee pot, and have switched to a french press. It is wonderful.

    1. I've always wanted to try a french press!

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  5. I'm a tea person but your nail art is cool!