Friday, August 26, 2016

Lolita Lacquer - The Baddies Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have the Baddies Collection from Lolita Lacquer to share with you! The collection includes five polishes that are inspired by the movie bad guys that you love to hate! 

I Love Luci  is a smoky blue creme with a slight gold shimmer and taupe microflakies. This beauty is inspired by Lucifer of Supernatural because he always wears  dark grey blue shirts. This had a great formula that was opaque in two coats plus topcoat! This removed easily.

Mala-ficent, Mala meaning "bad" in Spanish, is a gorgeous deep purple crelly-like base filled with green, pink and purple microglitters. This one is inspired by Maleficent!  It is seriously beautiful and is opaque in two coats plus topcoat to smooth out those glitters. This will be on the difficult side to remove due to those glitters as well.

Old Fashioned Villain is a white crelly filled with jewel toned shards inspired by the scene in Sherlock where the bad guy Moriarty breaks in and actually wears the crown jewels. This had pretty good coverage on two coats, but I added a third to be sure. The shards required no fishing to get to, but will need just a touch of manipulation to spread them evenly on the nail. The shards also make this a little more difficult to remove.

Loca for Loki is a beautiful green crelly, leaning jelly, with gold flakies and shards. This stunner is inspired by Loki from Thor. Another great formula that was opaque for me in three coats plus topcoat; though you may get away with just two.

Just a little Batty is a black jelly filled with red metallic hex glitters in varying sizes, as well as holo micro shreds. This gorgeous thing is inspired by Negan, from The Walking Dead and his beloved bat, Lucille! You can wear this alone in three coats or one coat over a black base. Here I did three thin coats plus topcoat! I prefer it on its own, as you really get that glitter/jelly effect. 

I think Mira did a really great job of matching the polishes to their inspiration! My personal favorites are Mala-ficent and Just a Little Batty. The Baddies Collection will be available in Lolita Lacquer's shop today, August 26th! Be sure to follow them for exact time! 

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  1. Thank you for this different ideas. I like black nails and want to do something in Maleficent style ( like Maleficent style ). I think it would be looking pretty.

  2. I Love Luci is my favorite, but I'd have to own Just A Little Batty because--WALKING DEAD!!!