Friday, July 15, 2016

Vapid Lacquer - #VapiBirthday / Vapid 3rd Birthday Collection + Extras (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have a bunch of gorgeous Vapids to share with you in celebration of Vapid's 3rd Birthday! #VapiBirthday! I have a very special place in my heart when it comes to Krys and the entire Vapid Team, as she was one of the very first indies that allowed me to swatch and review for her! I am honored to be a tiny part of her little business over that last few years! Thanks Krys and Happy VapiBirthday!

Let's take a look!

Summer Shimmers 2016 / #VapiBirthday Collection are all summer inspired and water themed! This collection will be restocked on a rotating core schedule!

Watercolor Octopus is a gorgeous pale aqua with a beautiful violet shimmer throughout! Such a delicate combo! Here I did two coats plus topcoat!

Wanderlust is an amazing periwinkle with a bright baby pink shimmer! So pretty! This one was also opaque in just two coats plus topcoat!

Tidal is a bit of a dusty aqua/blue creme with a beautiful aqua/green shimmer! One of my favs! You'll want to be mindful of brush strokes on this on. Here I did two coats, but it is almost opaque in one!

Cheap Sunglasses is a magnificent bright coral creme with a gold/copper shimmer throughout! (something with my photo makes it look lighter at the cuticle area, this was not there in real life.) Again this baby is almost opauq in just one coat, but here I did two plus topcoat!

Catamaran is a really pale lilac filled with a green shimmer! Becuase of its pale color, you will want to be careful about brush strokes here as well. This is two coats plus topcoat!

Also, a couple of oldies are being brought back and will be added as rotating core colors!

Be the Cream  is a beautiful frosty white shimmer polish! 
 This is another of my favs! Not that this is a granny color at all. but I remember using this type of frosty white color whenever I'd visit my grandma and I still love it to this day! Here I did two coats plus topcoat! Again, be weary of strokes.

Bullied is a charcoal black shimmer polish that I absolutely adore on my newly shortened nails. Something about dark colors on shorties makes me happy! Another gorgesous two coats!

Joining them, but not being restocked as frequently is Bruised! It is a deep blue jelly filled with blue, aqua and black holo microglitters, as well as a blue/purple shimmer throughout! Holy freaking wowza! It's absolutely gorgeous and applied super easy! This will be on the difficult side to remove due to those glitters, but totally worth it in my opinion! This dries textured, so here I did two coats plus two coats of topcoat.

Last but not least, Unicorn Egg is returning in limited numbers! This was Vapid's anniversary polish last year and is definitely a fan favorite! It won't be restocked anytime soon, but could make a comeback in the future. It's a white crelly filled with small aqua and pink glitters, as well as tiny purple microglitters throughout! The formula on this is perfect, but will be slightly gritty to remove. This is two coats plus topcoat!

As if that's not enough, look what else she's got!

Digit Dust is like a bath/mani bomb, but crushed and not in any specific shapes. This makes it easy to choose how much or little you want to use. It also comes in a resealable pouch for easy storage. This scent is Vapi-Birthday and it smells delicious! It is a mixture of fruit and cake! Seriously makes you want to eat it; I guess that's why Krys specified on the packaging not to eat it! Ha!

(I did not get a chance to actually use this specific one because I had been on vacation, but I have used a previous "tester" of Digit Dust and can vouch that it is super moisturizing and a definite must have in my nail care routine.)

Vapi-Birthday Nail Sauce is the same awesome nail sauce formula we all love, but with that same fruity/cake like scent as the birthday Digit Dust


Purple Polish Eater with a doe foot applicator! I love this applicator! Its easy to use and lets you be a little more specific on your placement. 

All these gorgeous babies, as well as a restock of many other polishes and products will be Saturday, July 16th at 1pm CST! 

Thanks for reading!