Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lou It Yourself - In-Betweeons Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have another amazing collection of neon polishes from Lou It Yourself to share with you!  Lou previously released the neon collection Bright Ideas, which included 7 polishes that are still currently in stock. This new collection is called the In-Betweeons and each polish falls in between each of the previously released colors! Such a fun idea and a seriously genius collection name!

Lets have a look!

Playing Both Sides is a beautiful bright fuchsia creme! Perfect coverage that was opaque for me in two thin coats. This was pretty much opaque on its own in one coat, but the second coat deepened the color a bit to match the bottle! This dries to a bit matte, so a glossy topcoat is recommended!

Neither Here Nor There is a gorgeous, super bright rosy pink creme! Another fantastic formula that was totally opaque for me on coat. Depending on your application you may want to add a second. This one also dries a little matte.

Riding the Fence is a bright orange creme! I like to call this one "neon pumpkin"! Hehe! Here I again got away with one coat.

Not Quite There is a beautiful deep, yet bright sunflower yellow creme. For a yellow, the formula was perfect. Here I did two coats, but depending on your application you may need a third.

A Rock and a Hard Place Is an insanely bright neon, highlighter green creme! Like really bright! Again, this was opaque for me in two coats, but you may need a third.

Agree to Disagree is a gloriously bright, kelly green creme! Love this one so much! I don't know what happened to me. I used to despise green, and now its one of my favs! Who knew!? This was on the edge of being a one coater, but I believe it is a true two coater. This is two coats plus topcoat!

Undecided is a really pretty, bright sky blue! Wishing I had some cloud vinyls right about now! Here I did two coats plus topcoat!

A Little of This is a gorgeous, bright purple creme! Hubba hubba! Mommy likey! This is two coats plus topcoat!

Do they stamp? Yes!

Do they watermarble? YES! I did not get a chance to do a full mani, so below is a photo of a design that JayLynn of @gotnail did! It's gloriously beautiful!

Finally, here is a little rainbow of love showing both the Bright Ideas Collection and the In-Betweeons Collection together, so that you can see the full neon gradient!

Suns Out Guns Out is from their upcoming Rainbro Connection Collection! This is a silver holo flakie topper and is gorgeous! Here I did one coat over nail art using A Little of This, Agree to Disagree and Playing Both Sides.

The In-Betweeons Collection will be available in Lou's shop on June 3rd at 3pm MST. You can purchase the entire full size collection for $60 plus shipping or individuals for $8 each plus shipping!

Thanks for reading!