Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lolita Lacquer - Troll Doll Collection Additions (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! Today I have two new polishes from Lolita Lacquer to share with you! Mira previously came out with her Troll Doll Collection and now has two new additions to it! Super cute collection!

Beady Eyes is a beautiful white crelly base filled with copper and black hex and circle glitters in various sizes. I did a little google image search and found the photo below that totally matches the polish! Great formula that is opaque in two to three coats. Here I did two coats plus two coats of topcoat.


Belly Button (seriously cute name) is a glitter topper. It is a clear jelly base filled with metallic glitters in stars, hearts, circles, hexes and squares. super colorful and really does remind you of the troll dolls with the jeweled belly buttons. Here I did two slightly dabbed on coats over Troll Tan plus two coats of topcoat. Troll Tan is from the original Troll Doll Collection.


As with the original Troll Doll polishes she previously releases, these are super fun, match the inspirations perfectly and have great formulas! These will be available in her shop on May 13th! Be sure to follow them for exact release time!

Thanks for reading!


  1. my grams used to buy me trolls at the pharmacy. Lord...I am old.

  2. I always loved these dolls and wanted them, but my mom wouldn't let me because they creeped her out. Whatever, mom! Now I want to hunt some down!

    1. ebay! I even have a few that are custom painted like day of the dead dolls, Mac is coming out with some troll lippies and brushes, there's a troll doll movie with Justin Timberlake later this year. It's the year of the troll!

  3. Belly Button is so perfectly nostalgic!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, Belly Button took me for a stroll down memory lane. Such cute polishes!