Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jior Couture - Crystal (nail) Gems Part 2 (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have Part 2 of Jior Couture's Crystal Gems Collection to share with you! Five gorgeous polishes! Let's take a look!

Rose Quartz is a beautiful multichrome crelly that has a gorgeous pink flash to it! It is also filled with tiny pink and white hex glitters, larger white matte hex glitters and small holo bar glitters! This doesn't get super opaque on its own, but here I did three coats plus topcoat, so you can see its coverage. I think this would look really awesome over black too!

Peridot is beautiful holo green microglitter, with tiny holo bar glitters, in a slightly green tinted jelly base, This builds up really great on its own, but can also be worn as a topper. Here I did three thin coats plus topcoat!. 

Sapphire is a super pretty blue microglitter mix, with tiny holo bar glitters in a clear jelly base. Here I did just two coats plus topcoat. Depending on your application you may need a third, or you can also wear this as a topper. 

Ruby is a gorgeous red microglitter mix in a clear jelly base. This also has those same tiny bar glitters. For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat.This could also be worn as a topper and will remove like a microglitter.

Lion is a gorgeous pink crelly base filled with tiny red metallic glitters and medium white matte hex glitters. Really pretty combo! This started out streaky, but built up really nicely. Here I did three thin coats plus two coats of topcoat.

The Crystal Gems Collection Part 2 will be available in Jior Couture's shop on May 19th! Be sure to follow them for exact release time!

Thanks for reading!


  1. this is a great glitter range!

  2. Lion is pretty, but the name and the color together throw me off. haha