Friday, March 4, 2016

Heather's Hues - Mother Nature's Watercolors Spring Collection (swatches and review)

**press sample**
Hi guys! Today I have a beautiful Spring collection from Heather's Hues to share with you! Eight lovely pastels mixed with a teeny hint of holo and coordinating micro flakies! 

In an effort to be totally transparent, I wanted it to be known that I prefer thinner formulated polishes. What I feel is a thick polish, may not feel that way to others. Most people prefer thick, more opaque polish for easier coverage. Sometimes, what others have described as thin, ends up feeling thick to me. Remember, formula consistency is a very personal preference and everyone has different opinions. I like thinner formulas and applying thinner coats. With that being said, these felt slightly thick to me, so I added thinner to a few of them. I actually think it's smarter for an indie to make thicker formulas, so that customers can decide for themselves if they want it thinner. You can always make a polish thinner, but not the other way around. (I let Heather know I added thinner to mine and she confirmed my thoughts; she, like many others, prefers thicker formulas)

Now that that is out of the way, lets get into these beauties!

Nectar is a pastel orange creme filled with peach microflakes and a touch of holo. For my photos I did three thin coats plus topcoat!

Peep is a pastel yellow creme filled with yellow microflakes and a sprinkle of holo. Again for my photos, I did three thin coats plus topcoat. Yellow can be a little finicky to photograph, so mine photos are showing a hint of green tone that really isn't present in person.

Sprout is a honeydew green creme filled with a touch of holo and green microflakes. Here I did just two normal coats plus topcoat! (by the way, this name is adorable to me!)

Lush is a pastel teal creme with a smattering of teal microflakes and a hint of holo! Such a gorgeous color! Here, I did just two coats plus topcoat! This is one of my favs and makes me want to go swimming really badly!

Breezy is a baby blue creme with a touch of sapphire microflakes and that same hint of holo! I adore the way the flakes pop in this one! Reminds me of those speckled Easter themed Whopper candies! My photo show two coats plus topcoat!

Bloom is a pastel purple creme filled with lavender microflakes and holo! Another two coat beauty!

Flourish is a pastel lilac creme with fuchsia microflakes and a smattering of holo! Another of my favs! Its that perfect mix between purple and pink! Here I did two coats plus topcoat!

Blossom is a pale pink creme filled with darker pink microflakes and a touch of holo! Here I did three thin coats, but you could likely get away with just two!

Do they gradient? Yes! Here I did three sponged, gradiented coats layered over a white base! At first I didn't think they were covering well, but the color opacity built up really well on the second and third passes!

Do they watermarble? Eh...unfortunately not very well. I found that the first and second drops spread ok, but as I added more, they stopped spreading and just sort of sat This could just be me, so if anyone gets these, please let us know if you had any watermarbling success!

This collection will certainly get you in the mood for spring! From the colors to the cute names, I really like them! I especially love the addition of the touch of holo and flakies! The Mother Nature's Watercolors Collection will be available in Heather's shop Friday, March 4th at 8pm EST!


  1. I prefer a thinner formula, too, and often run into the same issue when people say things are thin and I find them thick. I quite like Lush, while I am usually more drawn to pinks.

  2. your gradient is amazing. I can't help with the marbling though...Im awful at that.

  3. Lush and Bloom are my favs, love the gradient!

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't choose a favorite. I will say I absolutely LOVE your gradient! I like the fact that even through they have flakes you can still gradient with them.

  5. These are so pretty! I loved your explanation of thickness - I also do very, very thin coats. I generally can work with most types of formulas, but do keep thinner next to my desk. As you said, a thicker polish can always be thinned to preference.

  6. These are perfect and absolutely beautiful!!