Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Envy Lacquer - Thirty, Flirty & Fabulous Birthday Trio

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Hi guys! Today I have a gorgeous trio from Envy Lacquer, in celebration of Melody's 30th Birthday, which was February 27th! Happy belated birthday love! The trio consists of a holo, a crelly/glitter and a jelly; all in gorgeous colors! Lets take a look!

Thirty is an amazing vibrant blue jelly with a hint of a purple tone to it! bright! This is really opaque and completely covered in just two coats! It was super smooth and applied really easy too! This did not stain on me at all, but I only wore it for a few hours, so I would be sure to wear a base coat underneath just to be safe.

Flirty is a gorgeous white crelly base filled with various sized hex glitters in shades of aqua, purple and fuchsia. Beautiful mix! This had a really wonderful formula that was opaque for me in two coats; though depending on your application, you may need to add a third.

Fabulous is beautiful emerald green holo! I absolutely love this shade of green as it has that slight blue undertone, as opposed to a yellow one. Another fantastic formula that was opaque in two coats!

Also included is their Cuticle Envy in the scent Fruity Pebbles!! Super moisturizing and soaked in fairly quickly!

This is truly a gorgeous trio! I really loved every single one and have actually worn them multiple times since swatching them! Don't miss out! These will be available in Envy Lacquer's shop today, March 16th!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh I love the idea of this trio! Thirty is my fav!

  2. what an adorable trio. That blue calls to me though.

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  5. This trio speaks to me! Each one is gorgeous!

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