Wednesday, January 27, 2016

UberChic Beauty - Collection 7 Plates, Love & Marriage 2 Plate, Furry Best Friends Plate and Brushes (swatches and review)

**press sample & purchased by me**
Hi guys! Today I have a bunch of new goodies from UberChic Beauty to share with you, so lets just get started!

The newest Love & Marriage Plate is gorgeous! It has every design you'll need to create a romantic mani! My personal fav design is the conversation hearts that have little "nail" related sayings in them!

UC Love & Marriage 2
(UC XL Sticky Stamper and Mundo de Unas Tulip)


The Furry Best Friend Plate is super cute! Every dog or cat lover needs to be able to represent their beloved companion and for us nail people, that's on our nails! The "Pet Hair is My Glitter" design has me written all over it. I can't leave the house without finding cat hair on my! Adorable plate and makes me excited to see what other animal themed plates they come out with in the future!

UC Furry Best Friends
(UC XL Sticky Stamper and Mundo de Unas Caramel)


The Collection 7 Plates are gorgeous! They have all of the beautifully etched floral, geometric, bold and delicate designs you'd expect! What I love most about these plates, is that there are a ton of designs that are perfect for lead lighting!

UC 7-01
(UC XL Sticky Stamper and Mundo de Unas Fantasy)

UC 7-02
(UC XL Sticky Stamper and Mundo de Unas Fiji)

UC 7-03
(UC XL Sticky Stamper and Mundo de Unas Red Wine)


Now for the brushes! I personally purchased the clean-up and detail brushes on my own because I knew I'd love them! I was right! This has easily become my most used clean-up brush that I own! It's nice and thin, so it cleans up those tight spaces around your cuticles.

All of the brushes are really beautiful and you can tell they are quality made. The bristles totally look and feel like sable, but they are actually completely synthetic!  They are also very soft, but still being rigid enough for total precision.


Well...there you have it! I gave myself the goal of mastering stamping this past year, so while I worked on it, I accumulated a hefty plate collection! I can honestly say, that UberChic Beauty Plates are the ones that I reach for the most.

Everything listed above is available in their shop now! What are you planning on getting?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha..I need more plates like I need more polish

  2. Ah this post just got me so pumped as I wait for my order to come in. Love me some UberChic.

  3. I just finished my videos for these plates, can't wait to jump in with them!!

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