Saturday, November 21, 2015

Glitter or Die - The Captain's Travel Log (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! I am super excited to announce that Glitter or Die is BACK!!!!! Yay! Rosie took a little hiatus to do some studying and take care of some personal matters, but she is back with a brand new collection that is to Die for! Get it? Glitter or Die? Die for? Ok, I'm done. In all seriousness though, its a fantastic collection!

I won't keep you waiting any longer...lets jump right in!

Ather Flush is a gorgeous blush pink creme! Rosie described it as wind pinked cheeks and I think that's perfect! It's like a pinky toned nude and I freaking love it! For my photos I did just two coats plus topcoat! The macro came off a tad on the orangey side, but the I think the full mani picture shows the color pretty accurately.

Landing in the Misty Moors is a dusty, grey toned blue creme! Like the blue/grey fog in long forgotten moors! Beautiful color! Dusty toned polishes are my fav! This beauty is perfectly opaque in just one coat!!

Captain's Seal is a blood red creme! Reminiscent of the red wax seal a captain might place on a very important parcel. Man I love a good red! For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat!

Jeweled Treasure Box is a blackened green creme with hints of turquoise, sapphire, emerald and amethyst sparks throughout. I had the worst time trying to capture the sparkles with this one. They are very visible in real life, but the polish is so shiny, that my camera had a hard time deciding where to focus, so I never fully captured it. You can see slight hints in the macro. For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat!

Golden Gadgets (GITD) is a gold jelly filled with golden shimmer and flecks. This one also glows a beautiful green in the dark. I did not get a glow shot, so I borrowed a photo from @jahmynails. For my photos I did two coats plus topcoat.

Photo Credit: @jahmynails

The Good Ship deep fuchsia with copper, bronze and midnight flecks throughout. Another two coat beauty! I loooove this one! So sparkly!

Winter Over the Alps white crelly filled with green, teal, brown, gold, copper  glitters throughout. One of my favs of the collection! Here I did three thin coats, but you can definitely get away with just two.

The Captain's Observatory (GITD) is a shimmering silver polish that glows a beautiful blue in the dark! Again I borrow the glow in the dark shot from @jahmynails. For my photos I did just two coats plus topcoat!

Photo Credit: @jahmynails

Automaton Assistants is a jelly base filled with UCC flakies that shift from gold, to bronze to silver. It also has Duochrome flakies that shift from a gorgeous red to gold. This can be worn as a topper or opaque in three coats. For my photos I did three thin coats

Love this collection and absolutely love that Glitter or Die is back in action! The Captain's Travel Log Collection is available in Rosie's shop now!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love so many of these! Jeweled Treasure Box is mysterious and pretty.