Monday, April 27, 2015

UberChic Beauty - Launch Party and NEW PLATES

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Hi guys! I had the wonderful opportunity to grab a few friends and head up to the foothills of Colorado  this past weekend  to attend UberChic Beauty's Launch Party! I got to meet Brittany, the creative mind behind the brand, as well as a lot of other amazing people!

UberChic Beauty Owner, Brittany
(Is she not adorable?!)
I met a lot of wonderful ladies at the party, whom I can't remember the names of to save my life. I was unfortunately, not blessed with a great! Anyway, everyone was super nice and I was glad to finally meet up with some other nail crazed ladies!

They had a little stamping station that was run by Kelly Norris, owner of 10.1 Polish and her bestie! They were showing ladies how to stamp using UberChic Beauty's new plates!

(Picture taken from UberChic Beauty's instagram: Kelly Norris (middle) & friend (left),
along with Brittany's mother (right)

Speaking of new you wanna see them?! ya?! Here you go! (I wanted to get this post up asap, so I did not use any of the images in a mani. Instead I've swatched every image from the new plates onto paper using my Creative Shop Stamper and Mundo de Unas stamping polishes)

First, I'll be sharing the four new single plates you can purchase!

UC Special Edition
Alphabet - 01

The plate features the entire alphabet in five different fonts. Below, you'll see a couple macros; as well as Brittany's mani that she did for the party using the plate!

Photo taken from UberChic Beauty's instagram

UC Special Edition
Numbers - 01

The numbers plates features the numbers 0-9 in six different fonts; 
as well as some additional characters and symbols 
(macros below)

UC Hipster - 01

The Hipster plate contains an array of designs; from musical notes & instruments, owls, glasses, bicycles (my personal fav) to mustaches, as well as many others.
(Below are a couple macros to show the fine detail)

UC Geek Love -01

The Geek Love plate features some really fun and nerdy designs! It has everything from gaming designs, binary code, social media and Lord of the Rings references, as well as silly faces and nerdy book designs!
(macros below)

Now onto the the new collection! Collection 3 is similar in designs to Collection 1, but is still very different and equally as beautiful! It contains everything from Cancer fighting references, geometric designs and gorgeous floral patterns (perfect for leadlighting)! Plate 2 in the collection also contains a small, buffet style area!

UC 3-01

UC 3-02

UC 3-03

And there you have them! The plates contain a lot of designs that have really beautiful, intricate details that I was a little worried about, but fear not! I have to say that I did not have one issue with any of the designs! They are all etched really well and stamp amazing! You can see some of those tiny details perfectly in the macros! 

I am in love with these plates! I was already a fan of UberChic Beauty and their first collections, but after meeting Brittany in person and seeing what a kind hearted and really genuine person she is...I'll be a customer for life!

Oh...and UberChic Beauty is also stocking the illusive Creative Shop Stamper! Included in each stamper is a little pack of "bling" so you can jazz up your stamper! Super cute!

Check out UberChic Beauty at the links below!

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  1. The Hipster, Geek, H01, 03 are my favorites!! I tried commenting before, but it wouldn't let me. BOO!! But I'm here now! Love your blog, Jenn!!