Monday, March 23, 2015

I,A.M...CustomColor - Fraggle Rock - "Dance Your Cares Away" Collection (swatches and review)

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Hi guys! Today I have another fun collection from I,A.M...Custom Colors! This one is inspired by a show that brings back so many memories for me! The Fraggle Rock "Dance Your Cares Away" Collection! The collection includes 7 polishes in an array of finishes! Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Thermal, Holo and Cremes! Oh My!

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Space Frog Follies is an apple green shimmer polish with a metallic feel to it. Super smooth and not streaky for me at all. For my photos I did just two coats; though one slightly thicker coat would've been opaque!

30 Minute Work Week is a gorgeous neon, cool toned purple cream. Fabulous formula; again this was almost a one coater with normal coats, but I did two thin coats, plus topcoat!

Red's Club is a hot red to yellow thermal with gold shimmers and flecks! So freaking pretty! I forgot this was thermal when I started applying it, and I had a little moment of shock as my nail bed turned yellow..haha! This is very thermal sensitive too; without doing anything, my tips stayed a nice bright, hot orangey-red and my nail beds stayed yellow! I love thermals! For my photos I did just two coats, plus topcoat!

Fraggle Wars is a neon Glow in the Dark Glitter Bomb! Oh..em..gee! I love it so much! It's awesome! I charged it under my lamp for less than 10 seconds and it was glowing crazy bright! My glow in the dark photos were not altered in anyway, other than cropping and adding my watermark.. In addition to the amazing glow, it is a light pink, almost nude jelly base filled with a ton of neon glitters in stars, triangles, hexes and microglitter! For my photos I did three thin coats, plus topcoat in order to get the base opaque! I failed to try, but this would likely look great over any color since the base is so sheer!

Secret Society of Poobahs is a mauve holo with green/blue shimmers! So gorgeous! I did just two coats, plus topcoat and this baby was super smooth. The subtle flakies in it appear almost light blue and give this such a romantic feel!

The River of Life  is a medium teal with green shimmers! It also has a gold microglitter appearance that's gorgeous! Again I did just two coats, plus topcoat! This is also right on the edge of being a one coater!

Capture the Moon is beautiful sapphire blue holo with hints of blue/green tones! Amazing formula, that was almost a one coater. I did two thin coats plus topcoat!

I love this collection! Amazing colors, awesome formulas and a kick-ass inspiration! These will be available in Ashlie's shop on March 28th!

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