Monday, March 30, 2015

Glitter or Die - The Sea collection (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have an awesome new collection coming from Rosie of Glitter or Die! The Sea collection consists of 8 polishes ranging from cremes, to crellies to glitter bombs! 

Crinoid Shrimp is a royal blue, yellow, and white glitter mix in a clear jelly base. This one is definitely a topper, as I don't think it is build able to be opaque on its own. Here I did just one coat over OPI My vampire is Buff. Great formula and I had no issues getting glitter at all!

Blue Linckia is a periwinkle holo cream with an amazing formula! One coater!!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Just so you could see that it made no difference, I did two coats on my middle nail and the rest are just one! Gorgeous color too! It photographed a tad more blue; in real, though it's definitely got that slight hint of lavender that makes for a beautiful periwinkle!

Jewel Toned Anemone is a white crelly filled with pink, fuchsia and purple glitters. Great crelly formula that needs just two thick, or three thin coats to be opaque. For my photos, I did three thin coats plus topcoat! (I have spelled fuchsia wrong so many times; I finally looked it up in the dictionary and wikipedia to confirm..haha! It's just one of those words that doesn't look totally right no matter how you spell it) Anway..back to the polish! Love this one! I am such a sucker for glitter crellies; especially white glitter crellies!

Coconut Octopus is a deep turquoise creme polish. Another big winner for me! This was just two thin coats, plus topcoat! What made it even better is that it did not stain! Granted I didn't wear it super long, but every dark turquoise creme that I own, always tends to stain my nail beds just slightly. This did not! Yay! 


Axolott is a slightly sheer coral creme. Such a beautiful color! It's vibrant, yet somehow still very soft looking! On any normal day, I would have likely only done two coats for this one. It is sheer, so with two coats I could still slightly see my visible nail line, but I think I only noticed because I was looking for it. For these photos I did three thin coats.

Firefly Squid is an amazing blue flakie and iridescent glitter matte topper. I opted to wear this alone and it was close to being opaque in just three thin coats. I don't know why, but I didn't even think to use it as a topper. It looks amazing over black, so be sure to check out Rosie's page for a photo of that. Oh...did I mention it glows in the dark?! Looky! I "charged" it under my desk lamp for about 5-10 seconds and then ran into my bathroom and shut the! It has a beautiful bright florescent teal glow!

Moray Eel is a neon-ish yellow jelly with black and grey glitters. This has some green undertones to it as well, which is what my camera picked up most. I did just three thin coats here. It is a jelly and isn't really meant to be opaque, so you're not likely to get it totally opaque unless you did 4-5 coats. If you prefer more opaque application, I'd suggest layering 1-2 coats over a base similar in color.

Velella is a clear base filled with shades of turquoise, teal and white glitters in hexes, squares micro glitters and teeny bar glitters. This one is also a topper and wouldn't likely be opaque on its own. Here I layered one coat over Eliana's Collection Funky Party. I am really digging this combo! I also bet this would look amazing over black and then matte! hmmm...must try!

I love love loved this collection! So many different finishes and formulas, as well as great colors! I feel like Rosie really did an awesome job matching the polishes to her inspirations! 

The Sea collection will be available in Glitter or Die's shop on Monday, March 30th! Be sure to follow her for the exact time!

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