Friday, February 20, 2015

Vapid Lacquer - Candy Shop Collection and LE Birthday Bitch (swatches and review)

Hi guys! Today I have some really beautiful polishes from Vapid Lacquer to share with you! The Candy Shop Collection, as well as Krys' limited edition birthday polish!

Let's start with the Candy Shop Collection! The collection consists of six muted neon! They are not the eye searing neon you may see coming out, but they are still definitely in the neon family! These also have just a sprinkle of holo to them! Nothing crazy, but just enough to add a little something extra to them! I have to say that I actually prefer these over the really bright neon. I like neon for nail art, but not generally as a full manicure. These, however, I can be on board with!

Bubble Gum describes this beautiful muted neon pink perfectly! It will certainly remind you of some Bubblelicious Gum, but with a little sparkle! Amazing creme formula, needing just two coats, plus topcoat!

Peach Ring is a gorgeous peachy orange, muted neon. remember those candies? So good! They were gummi rings coated in sugar and they were a mix of juicy peach and sweet marshmallow flavors! This also has that little touch of holo throughout! Another great creme formula. Two coats and you're good to go!

Lemon Drop is a pretty muted neon yellow, with that same sprinkle of holo! Lemon Drops and I had a love hate relationship. I loved the lemony taste, but then the sour would hit me..haha! This one took three coats to be completely opaque, as it it more of a crelly formula. If you have shorter nails, two may do the trick; but for me it was still patchy, so I added a third. (My close ups have a bit of a green tint to them, this is solely the camera and in real life they are more yellow)

Rock Candy is a muted, neon lime green! So beautiful! I love the greens!!! Perfect creme (on the edge of crelly) formula needing just two coats plus topcoat! The sparkle in this, mixed with the color is spot on for some of the rock candy I had as a kid!

Gum Drop is an absolutely gorgeous muted neon blue/teal! So so pretty! Fantastic creme formula; again just two coats plus topcoat! The subtle holo sparkle in this is definitely reminiscent of the sugar layer covering gum drop candies!

Lollipop is a beautiful muted neon purple with the same hint of holo throughout! When I think of lollipops, I generally instantly envision either red or fav flavors! This one is more of a pinky purple and is so pretty!

And in case you're wondering...they all stamp!


Extremely Limited Edition Birthday Polish

Birthday Bitch is a magnificent turquoise crelly filled with ultra chameleon chrome flakies that shift from a gorgeous pink to gold to green! So amazing! I was staring at my nails for hours! This is right one the edge of being a one coater. I could have stopped at one, but opted to add a second. It is really dependant upon the thickness of the coats. This is extremely limited edition and will only be available ON FEBRUARY 21ST! This is positively a must have! It has this gorgeous granite looking effect! I was dying over it. I think I made my husband look at it about 10 times..haha!

Another amazing collection from Krys! And the addition of Birthday Bitch is so welcoming! These will all be released in Krys' shop on her birthday, February 21st! Be sure to follow her for exact times; I've seen her stuff sell out fairly quickly, so if you have your eye on something, you'll want to be prepared! Also remember that Birthday Bitch will ONLY be available ON the 21st!


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  1. Oh my goodness. I neeeeeeeeed that Birthday Bitch! That is amaaaaazing.

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