Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pretty Woman USA - Nail Medic

Hi guys! Today I have a few products from a new line created by Pretty Woman USA to share with you! Nail Medic is launching exclusively at Wal-Mart stores this month! What is Nail Medic? Well...let me give you a little bit of info....

Direct Quote from Pretty Woman:

Nail Medic is an anti-aging nail treatment line like you’ve never seen before, by offering a phased nail care system. The product line will consist of 18 products, dedicated to cleansing (Phase 1), repairing (Phase 2) and protecting (Phase 3) your natural nails.  All products were formulated using natural ingredient combinations to provide anti-aging nail therapy on target problem areas.

After discussing the key problems that I have continually dealt with regarding "little miss Cindy", Pretty Woman supplied me with a small package that contained 3 products designed to aid in remedying those issues.  (For anyone new to the nail community/swatching, Cindy refers to your non-dominant hand as she always does all the work and gets no love like Cinderella)

Before I tell you about my experience, I first want to advise that I had taken several photos per week to show you my progress...some really funny ones too. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a computer snafu and lost all of them! I know, I know...we will be investing in an external hard drive in the very near future. I was lucky enough to still have my initial "before" photos still on my cell phone, so I have before and after photos to share.....

Let's get started!

As a regular swatcher and nail art addict, I take very, very good care of my left hand. I moisturize and oil those babies up several times a day. Sad for Cindy, but she was definitely forgotten. I rarely moisturized her, but more unfortunate, was that she did all the dirty work. If I had to do any major house cleaning, scrubbing or hair washing, I used her. She was dry, brittle and just very unsightly.

Here is my before photo before applying any of the products ....scary, right?

The first product I used was the Nail Medic Primer - Nourishing Nail Prep. It is in a pen-like packaging, that you wind up; similar to cuticle oil pens. This has sort of a felt padded tip on it. As you twist the bottom, the product is forced up through teeny tiny holes in the felt and ready to be applied to the nail. The solution is a green (slightly aloe vera looking, gel).
(ingredients: aqua, alcohol, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), leaf water, acrylates copolymer, hydrolyzed keratin, menthopropanediol, phenoxyethanol, ethylexylglycerin, lavandula angustifolia (lavendar0 flower water, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, niacinamide, camellia sinensis (green tea) extract, melaleuca alterinfolia (tee tree) leaf oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, aminomethyl propanol, yellow 5 (ci 19140), blue (ci 42090))

I used the primer approximately every other day in conjunction with a special topcoat, which I'll share a little further down.

Next I have the Nail Medic Hydrator - Nail Saturation. This is very similar to the Primer, in that they are packaged exactly the same.The only difference visually is that this is a pink toned gel.
(ingredients: caprylic/capric triglyceride, canola oil, butrospermum parkii (shea) oil, peg 40 sorbitan peroleate, silica, euterpe oleracea (acai) fruit oil, argania spinosa (argan) kernal oil, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, cucurbita peop (pumpkin) seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, camellia sinensis (white tea) extractm vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, red 27 (ci 45410)

I used the hydrator twice daily (morning and evening, as well as an extra time every other day in conjunction with the primer and topcoat.

Lastly I have the Nail Medic Rise & Shine - High Gloss, Plumping Topcoat. This is a clear topcoat with a similar consistency to thicker topcoats.
(ingredients: butyl acetate, ethyl acetatem acrylates copolymer, nitrocellulose, acetyl tributyl citrate, sucrose bensoate, isopropyl alcohol, eetocrylene, cocs nucifera (coconut) oil, tocopheryl acetate, trimethylpentanediyl dibensoate, violet 2 (ci 60725)

I used the topcoat every other day in conjunction with the primer and hydrator.

So basically I kept a routine going. On the first day, I washed my hands thoroughly and used a nail brush and scrubbed really well. I applied the Nail Medic Primer by twisting the pen to bring out the green gel. I used the applicator tip to rub it around on the top and underneath of my nails, as well as my cuticles and surrounding skin. I wait about a few minutes and then rubbed the remaining product into my nails and skin using my fingers. Once it was completely soaked in and dried, I applied the Nail Medic Hydrator using the same techniques as stated above. After that was thoroughly dried and absorbed into my nails and skin I applied the Nail Medic Plumping Topcoat.

I continued to apply the Nail Medic Hydrator twice a day and then removed and repeated the steps for the Primer and Topcoat about every other day.

Keep in mind that I did not change anything else other than the products I was using. Cindy still did all my dirty work!

Want to see my results after just over a month of use?


As you can see, not only do my cuticles look significantly healthier, but the surrounding skin is much softer as well. And would you look at that nail growth! The nails on this hand have not been this long in months. I still have some residual peeling on a couple nails, but have not boticed any new problem areas.

I am quite pleased with these results! I no longer feel like these nails belong to a different person and they are slowly starting to match my swatching hand. I am excited to start seeing this line pop up at Wal-Mart so that I can pick up a few of the other products to try out!

Again, these will be exclusively sold at Wal-Mart stores and Pretty Woman!

If need to know which Wal-Mart stores near you are carrying the Nail Medic line, leave a comment with your State and zip code and I can find it for you! It is currently not available on Wal-Mart's website.

✴Update: It has now been an additional 4 weeks since I first started Nail Medic (8 weeks total)and my results have not changed! My cuticles still look great!  I've trimmed my nails several times and all of my peeling is now gone, with no signs of it returning! Yippee!

** press samples

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Have you ever tried their bamboo nail treatment?

    1. I actually have not tried it yet... :/

    2. have you tried it I WONDER if it works?

    3. have you tried it I WONDER if it works?

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