Friday, October 24, 2014

Glitter or Die - Absolute and On the Rocks collections (swatches and review)

Hi everyone! Today I have a brand spankin new indie brand to share with you! Glitter Or Die is owned and operated by the total awesomeness that is Rosie out of California. I have been following her on IG for quite some time now (@glitterordie) and have loved seeing all of her amazing nail art. Now she is making polish and I am very honored to be one of the lucky girls swatching and review her first collections! All Glitter Or Die lacquers are Handmade, Cruelty Free and 5-Free.

Two Hearted Man, inspired by Doctor Who, is an amazing vibrant blue jelly filled with black and blue  holo micro glitters and flecks of dark red glitters in varying sizes. So gorgeous! Great coverage and only took 2 coats to be opaque. You could also add a 3rd to deepen the blue even further. Either is glorious! [from the On the Rocks collection]

Artoo is a white crelly filled with different shades of red, black and blue glitters! Obviously inspired by R2-D2, this has an awesome formula! I used to be totally anti crelly and jelly...who knows why, but in recent months I have found myself gravitating towards them more and more. This is definitely one to gravitate towards! Something about a great white crelly with glitter, just gets my motor revving. (totally not in a creepy way..haha!) This is 2 coats plus topcoat! [from the On the Rocks collection]

Mamma Earth is a green jelly filled with flecks of green, aqua, blue and gold.  It has this teal undertone to it that is glorious! Another amazing formula that took just two coats to be completely opaque! [from the Absolute collection]

Classy B is a beautiful red creme! Gah-or-geous! I am a slave for red polishes! There's just something so classy, yet sexy about them! This one also had an amazing formula! Super pigmented and took only 2 coats plus topcoat, though it's pretty shiny on its own.  [from the Absolute collection]

Green Eyed, ESQ. is an absolutely breathtaking glitter topper that was inspired by Rosie's sister. It starts with a clear jelly base filled with super fine micro glitters, then has a gorgeous combination of lime, yellow, gold, lavender, pink glitters of varying sizes and shapes and pinkish/red stars! This may be one of the prettiest combos I've joke! I first wanted to keep it looking soft and delicate, so I put two layers over OPI's You're So Vain-illa. pretty over a nude. Then I wanted to make all the glitter pop, so I  put it over Vapid Lacquer's Whatever. Good Laawdy! Ahhhmazing! (this would be an awesome topper for Christmas in my opinion!) [from the Absolute collection]

My Universe is another awesome glitter topper. A clear jelly base filled with teal/blue microglitter, along with teal/blue, white, grey, black, green, purple, gold and silvery glitters of different sizes, shapes and finishes! This is gorgeous! I chose to put 1 generous coat over a "matching" base of Luxe Lacquer's Bonnie. This could also be worn alone in 3-4 coats. [from the On the Rocks collection]

We're Doomed is an amazing gold glitter topper! I really gold! So pretty! Inspired by C3PO, it has a great clear jelly base, that appears yellow due to the awesome amount of gold microglitter in it. It is also filled with gold and holo squares, hexes and circles of varying sizes. You can wear this alone in just 3 slightly dabbed on coats to be opaque, or even 1 coat alone to add just a bit of sparkle to naked nails. And of course, if you have a gold glitter, you MUST...I repeat MUST put it over black at least once. Ga-or-geous! [from the On the Rocks collection]

Nefertiti Cuticle Oil contains a mixture of Rose Hip Oil (which consists of Pro-vitamin A, All-trans retinoic acid, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega 6), Aloe Vera, Lanolin and Jojoba Oil. It is also completely unscented. I have always been an avid #BlissKiss user, so I can say that my nails and cuticles are in fairly good shape. With that in mind, my swatch hand is 100% better looking than my dominant hand, as I always forget to oil up that hand. (confessions of a swatcher..haha!). I chose to use only Glitter or Die's Nefertiti's Oil on my dominant hand for 2 days straight. I had great results. Not only did it soften my skin and cuticles, but it gave my nails a healthy shiny look and left my free edge looking beautifully white! Now I will say, I will never give up my #BlissKiss, but Nefertiti's Oil will definitely be added in to my nightly routine.

It's easy for me to say that I was honestly quite impressed with all of these! I really liked the array of colors and formulas in these collections. A little mix of everything; jellie, crellies, glitters and cremes! Great job Rosie! I'm super excited to see what your next collection looks like!

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