Monday, September 1, 2014

Vapid Lacquer - Birds and Mermaids! (swatches and review)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I think you can pretty much guess that Vapid Lacquer is one of my favorite indie brands. I mean, I mention Krys and one of her polishes a minimum of 2-3 times per I've not found any polish of hers that I didn't like. These are no exception!

I give you 3 new additions to The Nature's Canvas Collection, as well as Eff This I'ma Mermaid and its counterpart Mermaid Tears!

Eclectus is an absolutely stunning, red jelly filled with medium purpley/fuchsia holo glitter, medium matte black circle glitter, tiny yellow, purple and black glitters! This is named after the female Eclectus Parrot, with her bright red and purple/blue plumage. Krys hit the nail on the head and mimicked the colors perfectly! The colors are dead on! It has an amazing jelly  formula that is to die for, as it only took 2 generous coats to be completely opaque. (In the last pic, on the accent nail, I used Pessimist as the base and acrylic paint)


Blue Jay is a gorgeous blue jelly filled with medium and small black matte and silvery/white holo glitters, as well as teeny tiny blue holo glitters! Again, perfect match to the inspiration! The Blue Jay has beautiful lavender-blue to mid blue plumage on its crest, back, wings and tail, as well as an off-white belly and black ring on it's neck. And wait for it...are you ready? IT'S THERMAL! Just another way Krys matched the bird's appearance. It transitions from a lighter blue when warm, to a deep blue when cold! It is magnificent! Another awesome formula that took 2 normal coats (or 3 thin). (In the last pic, on the accent nail, I used Pessimist as the base and acrylic paint)


Blackbird is a black jelly filled with yellow, orange and red glitters. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try this one as Krys was still working on it. I can say that from this bottle shot photo, it is beautiful! And if the formula is anywhere as amazing as the other two birds, then I want it! (All of these swatches and pictures were taken by Vapid Lacquer)


Eff This I'ma Mermaid is a beautiful teal/blue jelly filled with purple, teal, blue glitters of various sizes.Its amazing! I did 3 thin coats, but 2 normal coats would suffice. I love jellies with glitter. They just show so much depth! (In the last pic, on the accent nail, I used Optimist as the base, acrylic paint and a little glitter from Eff This I'ma Mermaid)


Mermaid Tears is another I didnt swatch, but it is releasing with all of these today, so I wanted to include it. It is a nude crelly packed with ultra-fine brown, blue and purple matte glitters and has a lemon-lime holo micro glitter sheen that looks gorgeous. (Again all of these pics were taken by Vapid Lacquer


So, as you saw, Krys is just amazing! So much gorgeousness and she mimicked her inspirations to the T. I'm in love!

You can check out all of my previous reviews of Krys' polishes by searching Vapid Lacquer in the search bar on the right. As always, be sure to check out her shop and follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates on releases!

One last note: Did you know that there is a facebook fanpage where you can get some inside news on what Krys has going on? More often than not, you can also get first dibs on upcoming releases, play games to win discount codes and shop "giftcards" . Be sure to "Like" the page and follow it! Vapid Lacquer News/Fans

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