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Vapid Lacquer - Fall 2014 Collection

Hi guys! Today I have swatches and my review of Vapid Lacquer's Fall 2014 Collection! I am insanely in love with all the polishes I am seeing coming from all the indie ladies this year and Vapid Lacquer is no exception. Krys has been killing it in the holo and creme department lately!

There are 9 total in the collection...let's get started! 
(Be forewarned..I was off my nailart game the days I took these pics. Plus I rely heavily on the sun for my photos, so I didn't want to take too much time with art and not be able to get all the polishes photographed. I also didn't do nailart for all of them, as again..the sun was not my friend)

Majik Brownies is an amazing chocolaty brown holo. It literally looks like brownie or chocolate cake batter, but even better because...Holo!  Awesome formula too! You could probably get away with just 1 coat, as it is really opaque; it really just depends on your preference. If I were just slapping it on for a day, I'd probably do just one. For photo purposes, I did 2 here, plus topcoat!.( yes..on the last photo that is a plate of brownies I tried to paint on my nail...don't laugh!)

Buttercreme Moonbeams is really light honeydew green, with a bit of yellow tone. It has a subtle holo throughout and I think I saw a hint of a silvery shimmer as well. It is gorgeous! The formula of this one was just slightly thicker than the others, but not in a bad goopy way at all. For my photos I did 2 coats plus topcoat.

Black Amethyst is one of my favs! is right on the edge of being a 1 coater. If I had done just slightly more generous coats I could have totally gotten away with 1. The color of this is absolutely orgasmic! Its a really deep plum with the most amazing holo ever! (my nail art fail in the last pic is supposed to an amethyst crystal formation...does it even look like it? Haha!)

I Spike My Coffee is a beautiful, light caramel nude crelly with tiny flecks of dark brown. It also has this super gorgeous pink shimmer thats was horrible to photograph, but I think my macro shows it pretty well! Another great formula...just 2 coats plus topcoat! (like my coffee and alcohol bottle? Good grief; I feel like I was drunk when I paint these..haha!)

Embers is a gah-or-geous deep red jelly with awesome red/gold shimmer flakies that really do remind me of actual embers. In my photos it appears much brighter than it actually is. In real life, it is a bit deeper and vampy-like. This one was also almost a 1 coater. With this being a jelly, 1 coat appeared more deep, dark pink. 2 coats brings out the depth and darkness of the red. (in the last photo, I actually painted my very first flames! Not the best, I liked them)

Seriously Serious is a grey creme filled with small pink and green hexes, a little larger blue, purple and red hexes and a gorgeous subtle micro shimmer throughout. Again just 2 coats to become opaque! This formula was a little thinner, so I feel like the larger glitters sunk to the bottom of the bottle. I simply placed my bottle upside down for about 5 mins to bring some of them to the top! Easy Peasy!

Rum Raisin is another amazing creme. It has this gorgeous nude base with beautiful black, purple and gold glitters of various sizes. The combination of base and glitter colors is absolutely beautiful! As @prestonails said in her review..totally reminds you of an oatmeal raisin! Is it weird that it also reminds me of a sandy beach, with it's different flecks of color like tiny pebbles? Idk..but I love it!

Distraction is exactly what the name depicts. It is so vibrant and pretty that it was a serious distraction for me. As I was waiting for the sun to come out to take my pictures, I couldn't stop looking at my nails! It has the most amazing deep dark pink creme formula and is filled with purple and lavender hexes and a splash of white triangles. So..much..gorgeousness! Again just 2 coats plus topcoat! (My nail art was done using Vapid Lacquer's Optimist and glitter from Born Pretty Store)

Bow Before Me is an awesome purple jelly filled with silvery holo squares, hexes and teeny tiny glitters. It is a true jelly and definitely requires 2-3 coats for opacity. I did 3, but as you can see my VNL shows through quite a bit. It's really all about preference. I have really white tips, so they show through pretty often. VNL doesn't really bother me, but if it bothers you, you could certainly do 1 or 2 coats over a similar color base and get the opacity you desire.


Another amazing collection from Kry! With each of these polishes being so different, I am sure anyone could find at least 1 to suite them! Great formulas, colors and I freaking love the names!

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