Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pretty Woman - Swatches and Review

HI everyone! Today I have a few products from Pretty Woman.   All of their polishes are 5-free, vegan and cruelty-free. They are handmade in New York and are available for purchase at Rite Aid stores nationwide, as well as



The first polish I have for you is Pink Sugar. (Item Number: SCNP08) As part of their Sugar Candy collection, this is a beautiful bubble-gum pink, with an amazing formula that dries to an awesome textured finish. I LOVE TEXTURES! Even if you like the look of textures but not the rough feeling, you can put a topcoat on this one and it will still appear totally textured! There are 8 total polishes in this collection. You'll definitely want to check out their site for the other colors.

In my photos below, I did 3 easy coats, 2 of the pics have topcoat, but you can't even tell.They are super smooth but still look amazingly textured! Can you guess which ones have the topcoat?


Next I have one of the polishes from their Feather collection. in this collection, you ll find small bar, matte glitters in clear bases. I believe the one I have is Red/Peach (Item Number: FNP16). It is packed full of peachy and cream/white colors. Super pretty and delicate looking. Again there are 8 total in the collection! I really want the peach and turquoise!

In my pictures, I did 2 coats over their Black Cherry Gelogic polish, which I'll tell  you more about coming up. I also did 2 accent nails by dipping my striping brush straight into the polish bottle and applying on the center of the nails. I'm sure this would look great over a number of colors, but I wanted a clear contrast to really show of the topper.


Gelogic collection

Direct quote from their website: A revolutionary new formula, gelogic® provides a gleaming, ultra glossy, gel look. Self-leveling and plumping, gelogic® provides a smooth, high quality finish. Chip resistant and long-wearing.

I received Champagne! (item number: GNP006) A lovely nude that complemented my skintone great. It had a super smooth formula and was opaque in just 2 coats. Drying time was minimal considering it is a no UV gel. I waited 5 minutes between coats and the entire mani was completely dry in about 20 minutes.I can't really vouch for the wear time, as I only had it on for just under 2 days. There are 25 different color options for the Gelogic collection, so I'm sure everyone could find a color that suites them.


Lastly I have the Foil Effect Nail Kit. LOOOVE it! It contains a bottle of Back Cherry Gelogic polish and 4 small containers of different foils. (silver, copper, gold and a gold with that oily-esque rainbow on it - does that make sense? haha!)

I chose to use the oily rainbow foil for my mani. I put on 1 coat of the black cherry and let it dry for about 5 minutes.Then I did my second coat, waited about 2 minutes and then placed the foil where I wanted it. The entire mani was dry in about 20 minutes. I've never used foil before, so this was new to me, but so so easy! Great, fast and an easy way to make some banging nails! I did not use a topcoat for these pictures, but I am thinking that if you plan to wear the mani for any extended time, you may want to slap one on to help protect to foil.


Needless to say, I was impressed with the quality of the items I reviewed and will likely purchase some in the future. I am also "wowed" by the endless array of products they offer.
You can check out Pretty Woman's shop/website here, as well as check them out on instagram and facebook

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