Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Born Pretty Store - Stamper and Plate review

Hi everyone! Today I have a little review of a stamper and design plate I was sent to review by Born Pretty Store. Now, just a warning, I am not a professional stamper. I have only been slightly dabbling in it for a few weeks. Thus far none of the stampers and plates I have tried have really worked for me. There is always hype about the Pueen and MoYou plates, but since I am a newbie, i didn't want to spend too much cash buying stuff Ill never be able to use. I thought this was the perfect time to see about reviewing a cheaper option. (cheaper in cost, not quality)

So to begin, I contacted Born Pretty Store about reviewing some of their products.They were kind enough to offer me 2 free items, given that I reviewed them and gave my honest opinion..

The products I chose are

2Pcs/Set Practical Stamping Nail Art Stamper & Scraper

Nail Art Stamp Template Quirky Arabesque Pattern QA88



Again, I am a newbie stamper, but I am actually really impressed. At first I had a little trouble getting the image to o from the stamper to my nail, but after doing a little research and reading other people's tips regarding stamping, I was able to do it!( I buffed the stamper with my nail buffer and then cleaned it with pure acetone)

Here was my first ever successful stamping mani! I used Vapid Lacquer's Optimist and Pessimist as my bases and then reversed the colors to stamp. I then added a little Luxe Lacquers Poppy. Not 1 stamp, but a double stamping mani! Whoot whoot!


My second attempt was a little better, though still a little wonky..haha! This time I did it over Pretty Woman's Champagne Gelogic and Pink Candy polishes, using Vapid Lacquer's Pessimist to stamp with.


I think with a little more practice, I will definitely be able to pop out some great nail art! They have a pretty good selection of stamping plate options, so I'm excited to practice and then order some more!

I do wish the stamper was a tad more squishy. All the stampers I've tried area little hard and I think that's why I have such a hard time with them. This is the squishiest one I've used, but would like squishier. (squishy squishy squishy..haha!)

If you are just getting into stamping I would definitely recommend trying these products out. You can use my 10% off discount code HAWQ10 at checkout! If you've browsed their website before, then you know how many awesome things you can get there...if you haven't, then you need to go NOW! Don't forget to use the code!

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  1. I got the same plate. I love it. I think you did a great job.

    1. Thanks! They have some good plates. Its nice to see some that work and dont cost an arm and a leg..lol! I hope they make more like this..with the continuous pattern